If you're looking for a broker who’s got your back, seek no more! Through my real estate experiences with Steve, he always thinks in the shoes of his clients and ensures the best interest for them. I was constantly impressed by his business savviness and his ownership of tough situations, which is in absolute demand these days given the heated market. I couldn’t have done my quality purchases without him. Thank you Steve!

Liang Dong , Pierrefonds-Roxboro

'史蒂夫(Steve Douek)是我在加拿大见过的最有责任心和职业道德的房产中介,没有之一。他不会为了赚取中介费而影响客户的判断,而是实实在在的为了自己的客户着想,实话实话,这样的房产中介真的已经不多了。我和史蒂夫合作过多次,无论是买房还是帮我出租房屋,他都可以很好的达到我们预期的要求。对于我们的房客,史蒂夫帮我们先行筛选和背景调查,节省了我们很多的时间和精力,时间证明,他帮我们筛选的房客都是很好的,按时交租而且很爱惜房屋。而且史蒂夫业务范围覆盖整个魁北克省,无论是蒙特利尔岛内,西岛,南岸哪怕更远的地方,史蒂夫都会很高效的帮我们预约,陪同参观以及给予我们他的专业建议。真的很荣幸可以遇见史蒂夫帮我们解决任何房产相关的问题,我也推荐史蒂夫给了我的其他朋友,毫无意外史蒂夫均是大受好评。强烈推荐史蒂夫给各位,你们会感受到什么叫做专业的。必须五星好评'

Yuxuan Zhang,Montreal

'Steve Douek is one of the most responsible and ethical real estate agents I have ever met in Canada. He will not affect the judgment of clients in order to earn agency fees, but will actually think for the sake of his clients. To be honest, there are really not many real estate agents like this. I have worked with Steve many times, whether it is buying a house or helping me rent a house, he can meet our expectations very well. For our tenants, Steve helped us to screen and check the background first, which saved us a lot of time and energy. Time has proved that the tenants he helped us screen are very good, pay rent on time and cherish the house. Moreover, Steve's business scope covers the whole of Quebec. Whether it is on the Island of Montreal, the West Island, or even further afield, Steve will efficiently help us make appointments, accompany us on tours, and give us his professional advice. It was a real honor to meet Steve to help us with any property related issues, and I also recommended Steve to my other friends, and no surprise Steve was well-received. Strongly recommend Steve to everyone, you will feel what it means to be professional. Must have a five star rating.

Yuxuan Zhang,Montreal

Thank you so much for having taken such good care of our mother. I would not have trusted another realtor! I am happy you both stood up to the broker and managed not to get a price that was unnecessarily high . You have proved to be patient and the best help we could have hoped for, which allows our Mom to have a house she will definitely call a Home. I can't thank you enough!

Lydia Lefebvre, Saint-Zotique

By far the best real estate broker. From the first visit to the final signing, Mr. Steve was available, proactive, kind and a very good advice. I highly recommend him for his seriousness and responsiveness. Thank you.

Claude and Cristina El-Ghazal,Dorval

Steve Douek is truly amazing at what he does, he really has a gift. We were first time homebuyers and Steve was always present, patient and available to help and answer our never ending questions. He very easily managed to find us our dream home in beautiful Saint-Lazare – an area that was not even on our radar, and we are SO grateful to him. Steve made an otherwise stressful process both easy and fun and we cannot thank him enough!

Leanne DI Iorio and David Legare ,Saint-Lazare